Whistlebare's Yarns Around Northumberland

Join us as we ramble around Northumberland with tales of by-gone times together with images, yarns and patterns to bring them to life!

Our 'Yarns Around Northumberland' will be released on our blog on the last Friday of every month but will be sent out in our Newsletter on Thursday.  The colours will be limited edition so we want to give our lovely subscribers, first dibs!

For our first month join us at Hadrian's Wall for tales of Centurians and Barbarians with Stella Ackroyd's beautiful 'Border Ballad Scarf' knitted in our own Yeavering Bell aran (Newsletter will be sent 26th January 2017, blog released 27th January 2017).

February's story is about the Marchioness of Waterford and her beautiful murals in Ford Village.  Stella Ackroyd's pretty 'Waterford Shawl' is knitted from our own Yeavering Bell 4ply (Newsletter will be sent 23rd February 2017, blog released 24th February 2017).

March sees us staying at home!  We are over run with adorable goat kids and new you would love to see them!  This month we have even made a VLOG so you really can see the kids!

It's April and we are on the move again.  This time we are wandering with St Cuthbert in his own 'Meandering Monk Socks'!   There is a new Vlog too so head over to YouTube to see that.....

It's May and we are in the stunning College Valley with tales of gallant airmen, brave shepherds and a remarkable Border Collie.  Don't forget to watch our new vlog on YouTube too.....


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Border Ballad at Hadrian's Wall

January's Yarn is at Hadrian's Wall with Stella Ackroyd's beautiful 'Border Ballad Scarf'.

January's Border Ballad at Hadrian's Wall

February's Yarn is at the Lady Waterford Hall, Ford with Stella Ackroyd's beautiful 'Waterford Shawl'

Yarns Around Northumberland - Kidding in March

March's yarn is at home at Whistlebare - meet our gorgeous new kids on  our brand new vlog!  This month's pattern is 'Fortnight' by Jared Flood (available from Brooklyn Tweed).

Jared Flood Fortnight Hat

Yarns Around Northumberland Cuthbert's Cave

April's Yarn tells the story of St Cuthbert with our new Meandering Monk Sock pattern.

Yarns Around Northumberland Meandering Monk Sock Pattern


Yarns Around Northumberland in the College Valley

May's Yarn tells the story of brave Sheila the Border Collie in the stunning College Valley with our beautiful Starlight Snug Pattern.

Starlight Snug