3 Crochet Hooks & 50 Children

Wednesday, 6 November 2013  | 

Last week I was asked if I would contribute to our local first school's Poppy Making Day.  In essence I needed to teach fifty 5 - 9 year olds to crochet in an hour and a half!  Knowing my limitations as a teacher I decided that sewing the black button in the middle was probably as much as I could expect the children to achieve.  So I went along armed with fifty pre-crocheted poppies, black buttons and the beginnings of a red strip of crochet.  Mercifully, Mrs Bradbury the school's lovely caretaker, was also there to impart her skills and encourage the children.

The children were fantastic.  They all sewed on their buttons with great enthusiasm and had a go at crocheting the red strip with much success.  When they had gone off for their lunch I gathered the edge of the red strip to make a giant poppy that everyone had contributed to.

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