Whistlebare's Finest Natural Yarns are Back!

Monday, 9 February 2015  | 

We’re back! 

At Whistlebare we understand that our blogs may not have been as often as you had hoped; however we are now back and in full swing. We will be keeping you updated with all the goings on- including workshops, sheering, up and coming festivals, photo shoots and many more exciting events! 


Where do we start…how about a belated Happy New Year! This is going to be a very exciting second year for Whistlebare and we would love you to be with us all the way. 


We have already kicked off this cold start to the year with sheering. Our Angora Goats must be shorn twice a year, mid summer and mid winter.  It always feels quite wrong to be removing their lovely snuggly warm fleeces in the coldest months of the year but if we don’t then giving birth and suckling their kids is very difficult for the does.  It is not all bad news though, while the girls are lining up in the salon we are flat out mucking out their pens and filling them with fresh straw…and lots of it to keep their newly shorn bodies toasty! Their fleece is carefully sorted and graded before being packed for transport.  Soon it will be spun and dyed, in order to create our soft beautiful yarns available to you throughout the year. 



Some very exciting news it that we have been busy preparing for our first course this week.  The smell of freshly baked cakes and biscuits have been haunting the Whistlebare kitchen all day; ready to be eaten alongside continuous hot cups of tea. This course has been created for the special friends of Whistlebare whom we value dearly and we know will give us lots of feedback and constructive criticism. 



We will start the day with a look around the farm, visiting our goats and sheep, and learning about the fascinating history of how the animals and yarn have evolved over the years. Then, after a tasty lunch in front of the fire, we will be teaching our special friends how to create our famous and incredibly popular daisy snood. Hopefully, by the end of the day everyone will have mastered this tricky stitch pattern and be confident to finish their snood as a lovely reminder of their day.


On the day we will have a photographer joining us too so we will be able to show you all the fun we get up to.  Keep watching for lots of photographs on all our social media sites and there will be upcoming blogs too!