Wild Goats and Pirate Flags on Yeavering Bell

Friday, 7 March 2014  | 

If you live in Northumberland you have two choices. You can enjoy breathtaking views but often struggle to stand upright in the wind or, you can live in a sheltered dingly dell often collecting the fret from the sea. We chose the former and are blessed with views of the majestic Cheviot Hills on one side and the coast on the other. I find both environments to be mind broadening and lung expanding and perfect for exhausting over-exuberant boys. So it was that this half term I set off with four boys in tow to conquer (I hadn't meant literally - but more of that later) a hill.

Goat Gate at Yeavering Bell

Yeavering Bell was the seat of King Edwin of Northumbria in the 7th century. It is a site rich with archaeological and historical significance, it lies on St Cuthbert’s Way and is the home of very very rare Cheviot Goats. Despite walking in the Cheviots regularly we have never seen the goats and so it seemed a good omen that at Yeavering Bell even the gate posts are carved into goat heads. After some minor detours getting onto St Cuthbert’s way we were off.

Yomping Up Yeavering Bell


The colours on the hill at this time of year are muted but if you look closely there are glimpses of pastel colour: blue-grey stone, pale green grass tussocks, pinky-brown bracken fronds, yellow-cream lichens. Later in the year, there will be brighter colours as the tiny flowers poke their heads bravely above ground. It truly is a very special place and naming our newest yarn ‘Yeavering Bell’ suddenly seemed entirely obvious. The spring collection reflects the pastel tones and in the Autumn I will go back for new inspiration with the season change.

View From Yeavering Bell Wild Cheviot Goats on Yeavering Bell


Half way up number two boy let out a shout, sending the wild goats he had just spotted scampering for the hills. Our photos are a little distant but there truly are goats living on ‘Goat Fell’. It was approaching lunchtime when I reached the summit but my biggest boy had beaten me there and unfurled his flag!

Claiming Yeavering Bell